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9 Stupid Misconceptions Men Make About Female Masturbation

Female Masturbation
Female Masturbation

For some reason a lot of men like to image women masturbating. No one is entirely sure why men seem to enjoy the idea of women masturbating so much, but they do. When it becomes ridiculous is, when men begin to naturally assume that all the pornographic stereotypes of women masturbating is realistic. It is actually the furthest thing from the truth. Here are nine of the stupid misconceptions men make about women when they are masturbating.

1.) Women will stick just about anything in their vaginas. In reality, most women are quite picky about what is placed into their vaginas. Cleanliness is also an issue. A woman's vagina actually breeds certain types of good bacteria, but bacteria can still cause infections and diseases. While some women like to experiment with extreme foreign objects, most women tend to stick with just a finger, vibrator or a penis.

2.) Women always masturbated naked or while wearing sexy lingerie. This ridiculous misconception is based solely on stereotype and not reality. Most women only dress up, or down, when they are with their partner. Otherwise, women are not that different than men. They tend to masturbate either before bed or in the morning while wearing the pj's.

3.) Women masturbate with their girlfriends. This is probably one of the silliest male misconceptions. When a man masturbates it is usually a private act, and it is not any different for a woman. Usually, the only time a woman will masturbate in front of someone is with her partner.

4.) Women fondle their "boobs" when they masturbate is not entirely untrue. A woman's breasts are often sensitive, and some women require a little added foreplay before they can climax. Most women are not excited by their own breasts though, and do not fondle them.

5.) Women need to masturbate every day. Just like a man's, a woman's sex drive is constantly changing. Stress and hormones can affect how often a female masturbates. Women who are ovulating tend to be slightly more sexually active, while women with high levels of stress or who are depressed, may have little or no urge to masturbate.

6.) Women always masturbate while looking at pictures of hot guys or chicks. This is another male misconception that is not always untrue. Just like some men, some women like to look at steamy pictures of hot guys while they masturbate. Other women prefer to have a visual image of their fantasy in their head. It is simply a matter of what works best for each individual.

7.) Women like to look at themselves in the mirror or stand in front of a window while they masturbate, is funny. While there may be the occasional woman who is either an exhibitionist or is excited by her own body, most women prefer to masturbate in private. For some women, the act of masturbation is to embarrassing for her to even watch.

8.) Women like to stick their fingers in themselves while they are masturbating. It may be true for some women. Like any other sexual act, it is a matter of taste and enjoyment. Some women can give themselves pleasure from both stimulating their clitoris and from insertion.

9.) Women think it is really hot to masturbate in the shower. Probably came from the fact that men sometimes masturbate in the shower. While men may not have much of a problem standing up while masturbating, it is a little more difficult for a woman. Most women, if they are going to masturbate in the bathroom do so while taking a nice warm bath.

These are just a few of the misconceptions men have about women and masturbation. While not all of these misconceptions are completely untrue, some of them are completely ridiculous. On the bright side for women, as long as men have their misconceptions women will continue to fascinate and captivate them.

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