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9 out of 10 doctors prescribe laughter as medicine.


Imagine how funny it would be if you saw it in person!

You know the old cliché that “laughter is the best medicine?”  Well this is actually very true.  Not only does it take more muscles to frown than to smile; but, that “laughter breath” is way better than any of that breath work you’d do in a yoga class!


Well leave it to one of the funniest places in Denver to take “laughter therapy” one step further.  The Bovine Metropolis Theater offers a community program called “Comedy for a Cause” that benefits local non-profits.  The series partners non-profits with improv groups to create benefit shows.  The Bovine Improvisers entertain new audiences, and, these audiences who are usually stressed out working hard for their non-profits, take an evening off for a lot of laughs.  It’s a win-win – pardon another cliché – for everyone!


If you represent a non-profit that would be interested in a “Comedy for a Cause” for your agency, contact Bovine Metropolis Producer, Linnea Brutlag, at 303.758.4722 or  Then, sit back and laugh until your face hurts!



About Bovine Metropolis Theater

The Bovine Metropolis Theater presents shows five nights a week, offers improv classes 12 months a year, and hosts improv workshops every summer.  The Bovine also offers corporate training, group entertainment and benefit shows.  For information about the Bovine’s shows, classes and other comedic offerings, go to or email