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9 online newspapers and magazines for Christians

The time is now to read news which enhances the Christian life
The time is now to read news which enhances the Christian life

One peak at a local newspaper either in print or on the Internet and it is clear most of the articles are not written from a Christian perspective. Sure there is a Religion section once a week or a faith based article every once in a while but no really substantial news written with a Christian perspective.

Here is a list of 10 truly Christian newspapers and magazines on the Internet,

Acts & Facts a magazine of Institute for Creation Research, offers articles, research, evidence and much more information about the creation of the world

Christian Century is a ecumenical magazine based in Chicago. The magazine includes articles and reports on religious life in the U.S.with editorials and articles on moral, political and cultural issues.

Christian Post is a daily, pandenominational newspaper established in 2004. The newspaper provides up-to-date reports and information involving and affecting Christians from nearly every corner of the nation and the world.

Today's Christian Women is an online magazine for women of faith. The magazine offers articles on topics such as faith, marriage and sex, parenting, church and ministry, friends and community.

Christianity Today is a comprehensive Christian news and information magazine available in print and online. Publishes following magazines: Books & Culture, Christian History & Biography, Marriage Partnership, MOMSense, Today's Christian, Today's Christian Woman, and more.

Heartlight is an online Christian magazine which features daily devotionals, articles, arts (cards and wallpapers), quotations, bible study, discussion boards, and more.

The Journey

New Man (Charisma) Magazine offers advice for Christian men on money, being a father, managing a family, marriage and sexuality, more.

Sojourners is a cutting edge Christian magazine and website which features progressive Christian articles and commentary on faith, politics and culture.

World is a weekly news magazine which provides the Christian perspective of national and international news. World is similar in nature to US News and World Report.

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