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9-month-old baby charged with attempted murder cried when fingerprinted

According to CNN on April 5, a 9-month-old Pakistani boy was fingerprinted and booked on an attempted murder charge. The baby cried as he was being fingerprinted.

The baby was in the group of family members who allegedly threw bricks at police who went to their house to collect an unpaid bill.

The attempted murder supposedly took place in February when several police officers and a bailiff went to the house to collect payment for a gas bill. A fight broke out and the baby's father, his teenage brothers and others living at the house tossed bricks at the officers. Some of the officials were severely injured.

The official document aired by CNN affiliate GEO News shows charges of stoning and attempted murder.

CNN reports that it is unclear why the baby was booked, but he did appear in court as ordered. He was fingerprinted while still in his grandfather's arms last Wednesday.

The family lawyer is insisting that the police filed a wrong, false arrest charge sheet and brought this innocent 9-month-old into the court room for an appearance needlessly.

Because of so much media coverage about the incident, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif directed police to immediately suspend a Pakistani official for registering the case against the baby boy.

It is unfortunate that this child has a criminal record even before he has finished taking his baby shots or registered for kindergarten.

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