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9 month old arrested for attempted murder sparks tremendous outrage (+VIDEO)

The case of a 9 month old arrested for attempted murder has triggered a wave of protest from government officials and Pakistani citizens alike. Imagine a baby just 9 months old, bottle in hand, amid a courtroom because the police in Lahore, Pakistan accused him of attempted murder. The small child is part of a group of 30 detainees accused of stealing gas in the city of Lahore, in eastern Pakistan, and he appeared in court accused of throwing stones at police officers who tried to stop them, Fox News reported on April 4.

The 9 month old arrested in this bizarre case was identified as Muhammad Mosa Khan. The toddler appeared in court with his grandfather and was released on bail. His case was adjourned until April 12.

The ordeal began on February 1 when several police officers and a constable went to a house to collect a gas bill, said Zulfikar Atif Butt, a senior police official in Lahore. A dispute in which the child's father and one of his teenage sons severely wounded some of the officers after throwing stones at them, explained Butt. That led authorities to find out who was in the house.

How and why the baby was involved was unclear, although Lahore police still took the 9 month old into custody, The Times of India reports.

“The police filed a wrong, false arrest charge sheet and brought this innocent 9 month old into this court room for an appearance,” the family’s lawyer, Irfan Tarar, said.

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Following the media coverage of the incident, the head of Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, asked the police to immediately suspend the Pakistani official who filed the case against the child.

The charges against the child alarmed the state Chief Minister and he has asked the Inspector General of Police of the province to provide immediate clarification and to take "strong action " against the officers who handled the case.

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