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Pakistani baby attempted murder video: 9-month-old arrested for attempted murder

A nine-month-old arrested on charges of planning a murder, threatening police, and “interfering in state affairs,” was fingerprinted and had to appear in a Pakistani court. “The infant appeared in the courtroom sitting on his father's lap and clasping a bottle. He was given bail and the case has been adjourned until 12 April,” according to an April 4 BBC report.

9 month old arrested: Fingerprinting and arrest of 9-month-old sparks outrage

The attempted murder charges and the arrest of the nine-month-old Pakistani baby has sparked an international outrage which has caused Punjab's Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif to suspend the assistant superintendent who filed the charges against the baby. However, according to latest reports, the charges against the toddler have not been dropped.

In early February, baby Muhammad Mosa Khan was with his father when police and gas company officials came to their neighborhood in Lahore without notice and began removing gas meters from their homes, which in turn started a protest. According to the local police, the infant, along with 30 others, “tried to murder security officers by pelting them with stones.”

During Wednesday’s court appearance, a senior police officer said that during the protest, some of the officials were severely injured when the residents threw bricks at the company officials. The family’s lawyer is saying that authorities have not shown how a nine-month-old could have been involved in the “stoning,” and that the charges against the toddler are in direct contradiction with Pakistan’s minimum age of criminal responsibility. The age was raised from seven to 12 years in 2013, except in terrorism cases.

The nine-month-old Pakistani baby's attempted murder charge and arrest are being reported worldwide across all continents. In Pakistan, the father of the arrested nine-month-old is saying that the charges against his son, him and the Lahore neighbors are “inflated.” "Our crime is that we had protested against non-availability of electricity in our locality."

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