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9 Innovative face masks to recharge fatigued skin

Allergies, gloomy weather and daily stressors all lead to unfriendly skin imperfections but thankfully advanced face masks can provide skin with much needed power nutrients to less than perfect complexions.

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No matter what time of year, visible signs of skin fatigue can lower confidence by way of unruly spots, redness, flaking or excess shine. Treat hardworking skin to a face mask twice a week to maximize skin care regimes already in regular rotation. Since daily weather conditions, hectic schedules and complicated life moments can place imbalances on the skin from the inside out, it is necessary to feed the complexion with bursts of much needed nutrients and a face mask is the easiest way to satisfy depleted skin.

Once a week, opt for a hydration boosting formula that protects skin from environmental stressors like pollution, cold or wind; this will ensure optimum moisture which prolongs skin’s youthful appearance. Keep a mask in your beauty arsenal with purifying ingredients to help draw impurities out of the skin and use at least twice a month or as often as required to keep skin looking clear. For blemish prone skin, hormonal breakouts and oily areas, a clarifying mask will purify and cleanse the pores in a way a basic cleanser cannot.

Make time for skin pampering by putting a mask on clean skin while doing laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning makeup brushes or during a good nightly read. The beauty of a face mask is it is a quick surge of all the right ingredients and can be left on as little as three minutes to work its magic!

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