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9 healthy alternatives for holiday baking

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Following are some helpful suggestions for modifying your holiday baking into healthier fare.

Tip 1: Substitute Stevia (liquid or powder) for sugar in any baked good or dessert. I recommend Truvia or Stevita as these tend to give finished products a taste similar to sugar and a little goes a long way.

Tip 2: Use honey, molasses, or agave nectar as a sugar substitute in baked desserts if you don't like Stevia. Molasses could also be used in place of brown sugar etc..

Tip 3: Use soy milk instead of milk or cream to reduce carbs.

Tip 4: Consider using egg substitutes - especially for dishes that use pasta like macaroni and cheese.

Tip 5: Use almond meal instead white flour.

Tip 6: Consider a low carb bread like Oroweat Carb Counting bread for stuffing and bread puddings.

Tip 7: Use shirataki or tofu noodles for low carb mac and cheese.

Tip 8: Use cauliflower in the place of rice or to make mashed potatoes.

Tip 9: Substitute applesauce for oil when mixing cakes or brownies.