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9 arrests of prep school ring: Haverford alums lead massive drug enterprise

There were 9 arrests at a prep school near Philadelphia after an extensive drug ring was exposed. According to the New York Daily News, both high school and college students were involved in an operation that included marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and hash oil.

Nine people were arrested in a prep school drug ring sting
Screencap via video

Timothy R. Brooks, 18, and Neil K, Scott, 25, were graduates of the prestigious Haverford School prior to putting together their drug ring. They both had attended college at some point and dropped out to build their enterprise. They were arrested after authorities nabbed them in a sting titled “The Main Line Take Over Project.” Ultimately the 9 arrests via the prep school ring included eight men and one woman.

The 9 arrests in the prep school ring nabbed not just Brooks and Scott, but seemingly multiple subdealers at both local colleges and high schools. One 18-year-old Haverford student was arrested as well as two 17-year-old juveniles. The investigation began after authorities received a tip, and ultimately the authorities turned up about 8 pounds of marijuana, an assault rifle, more than $11,000 in cash and a number of other alarming items.

Several of the individuals involved within the 9 arrests for the prep school ring have already been arraigned. Scott is still in jail facing a $1 million bail and his apartment seems to be at the center of the investigation. Stay tuned for more details yet to come as the case at involving 9 arrests in the prep school ring are revealed.

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