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9 arrests: Prep school drug ring taken down in Pennsylvania

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A total of 9 arrests of a prep school drug ring were made on Monday. These arrests were in addition to the arrests of the leaders of the drug ring. Neil Scott and Timothy Brooks were the leaders of this drug ring, and they had quite the operation going. On April 23, Canada Journal reported on the arrests and the details surrounding the drug ring.

Scott and Brooks ran the drug ring, which was called Main Line Takeover Project. The ring was located in Philadelphia, and it catered to high schools and colleges in the area. Scott and Brooks did not work alone. They hired 'sub-dealers' that helped them sell product for a discount on their own usage. It was these helpers that were arrested on Monday. The leaders were charged with 'possession with intent to deliver, running a corrupt organization, possession of drugs and conspiracy.'

Scott and Brooks had an operation going that sold a variety of drugs. They sold marijuana, cocaine, hash, and ecstasy to their customers. The Haverford School was one of the schools involved, and an investigation had been going on for weeks. School officials were informed of the investigation when it began, but they were asked not to interfere.

With drug usage still a problem among teens and young adults, it is good to see arrests such as these. This ring was supplying drugs to a large number of people in the Philadelphia area. With this ring out of business, it could help lessen the usage of drugs by teens in the area. What do you think about the take down of this drug ring?