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$9.84 credit card charges could be fraudulent

Credit cards
Credit cards

$9.84 has been reported by the Better Business Bureau to be an amount charged to credit card numbers that are in the possession of criminals. From the report by CBS News on Tuesday, the $9.84 charge to a credit card number is likely fraudulent and will show up on one’s list of credit card charges as “customer support” or a web site. There are many websites that are reportedly showing up on credit card accounts criminally charging the amount of $9.84.

The report states that the clever thievery is based on the notion that people notice unwarranted charges to their credit cards when the amount is a huge monetary amount, but few would notice and report a small charge under ten dollars as in the $9.84 amount being fraudulently charged to many people.

It is believed that more people are starting to catch these small charges on their credit cards than before because they are most likely scrutinizing their bills a lot closer since the Target and Neiman Marcus credit card breaches which have occurred recently.

The advice to those hit with an unwarranted $9.84 charge is to contact the company that issued the card. Then one should get a new card (with a new number) and put a fraud alert on one’s credit file.