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9/11 truther: 30 y/o truther passes security, takes mic from Malcolm Smith

A 9/11 truther was able to sneak into the Super Bowl postgame interview room and grab the mic from Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith. On Feb. 4, The Inquisitr reported that independent journalist Matthew Mills, 30, hopped an employee bus to MetLife Stadium wearing a press pass from an event that he previously covered -- and he basically walked right in.

Mills walked up to the mic during Smith's interview and got a few words in before security grabbed him. The fact that he made it that far is pretty amazing. He basically didn't have much trouble lying his way past security which is really quite alarming.

"The 9/11 Truther said he was stopped several times by security, who are required to check every credential, but was able to talk his way past them each time," reports The Inquisitr. Matthew Mills was quickly escorted out of the press room and was arrested for trespassing. While he might not have been able to say everything that he wanted, he proved a very good point just by getting in the room -- security was clearly flawed and anything could have happened at the Super Bowl last Sunday.

People like Mills are generally pretty harmless -- all he really wanted was to speak about his beliefs about government involvement in 9/11. However, it does take a pretty crazy person to even think they can get past security at one of the biggest events of the year.

The 9/11 truther just wanted to be heard -- but instead of people hearing what he had to say, they heard all about how he managed to get past security -- and that might be the bigger issue here.

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