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9-11 Memorial Run – the most memorable run of the year

9-11 Memorial Run will be most memorable run
9-11 Memorial Run will be most memorable run

Thursday, September 11, 2014 will mark the thirteenth anniversary of the tragic day that saw the loss of several thousand in terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C.

9-11 Memorial Run

Thursday, September 11, 6 P.M. 9-11 Memorial Run, Belmar, N.J.

Every year since on that date runners have gathered to commemorate and remember those lost – many from this area and many of the participants had relatives or friends who were lost. The run started small with a friendly group of runners meeting on an ad hoc basis. Every year it has grown with last year several hundred participating. The exact number is not known as there are no sign ups, registrations or scoring. There are no t-shirts or awards.

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The run starts in Belmar, NJ on the Boardwalk on 16th Avenue at 6 p.m. It proceeds south to Spring Lake for a stop at a memorial there and then south further to a memorial set up on the Spring Lake beach. Runners are led with a group carrying the American Flag high as they proceed down the boardwalk.

At the start and each stop names of local residents who were lost are read. Participants are provided a flower or flag to be placed at the memorials at each stop. As the group of runners’ proceeds down the boardwalk they are instructed to run in silence to reflect on the significance of that tragic day. The runners stay as a group proceeding in a slow and solemn pace.

On the return the runners are instructed to “resume” and they proceed back at their own pace to the finish back on the Belmar Boardwalk.

The total distance is about 4 miles round trip.

For many this is one of the most memorable runs of the year and tears can be seen on many of the participants as the names of loved ones are read.

For this interested in participating just show up at about 5:30 to 5:45 p.m. on the Belmar Boardwalk for the start at 16th Avenue.

More information is available on the event flyer.

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