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'9-11 Cross' turns museum into church

9/11 Cross
9/11 Cross
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Christians are continuing to insist that their 17 foot tall "Cross" be including in the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Their claim is that because this cross beam was found in the wreckage it should be included in the museum. This of course is ridiculous.

The fact is that there was a lot of rubble that day and no one is arguing for all it to be included in the museum. In fact, there were several cross beams similar to this one found in the rubble too. But at seventeen feet tall, this one was probably the largest.

Let's be honest, the only value this particular cross beam has is that it is an object of worship by many Christians. If it weren’t an object of worship by Christians, it wouldn’t be going into the museum at all. Let me repeat that because it bears repeating. The only reason this cross beam is being pushed into this museum is because it is an object of worship.

People worship this 17 foot cross and therefore they are putting into a museum. If it were some small one-foot high cross that is being put on display with other religious symbols found in the wreckage then it wouldn’t be a problem. But this isn’t some small piece of pottery; it is a huge object of worship. People are going to come to the museum to worship this object (breaking their own Second Commandment).

What is the 9/11 Museum going to do, put out a prayer rug? Are they going to post a sign asking people not to get down on their knees to pray in front of the 17 foot tall cross? I doubt it. The only purpose a cross of this size is to turn this museum into a church. It is a Christian attempt to hijack patriotism. They are using this museum as a giant billboard for their religion.

What is the secular purpose behind this 17 foot cross? Did other religions and non-religions have equal access to display a similar sized “artifact” in the museum? Because of the size, this Cross presents the impression of a government endorsement of this religion (especially if it includes a prayer rug). Due to its size and the devotion many Christian believers bestow upon it, it is simply not possible to display this cross in any kind of secular fashion.

It isn’t like a piece of art from the Renaissance which can be displayed and appreciated because of its aesthetic, artistic skill, and/or historical significance. The only significance this cross has is that it is an object of religious worship.

Christians have really crossed the line on this one. This tragedy did not befall Christians alone; it is a tragedy to us all. Many non-Christians also died on that day and many non-Christians also came to the rescue of those in danger. Turning this museum into a Christian Church is beyond bad taste and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. It also represents a large crack in the Jeffersonian Wall between Church and State.

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