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89-year-old convenience store owner fends off would-be robber with golf club

Here’s a heads-up to anyone thinking about robbing a convenience store (which is a bad idea anyway, so don’t do it): you never know what feisty store-owner you might encounter in the attempt.

Such was the case of a masked man who tried to rob a convenience store in Moses Lake, Wash., notes Gawker on Thursday. 89-year-old Miyo Koba wasn’t having any of it, however, and says she refused to open the register and give the robber the money when she walked out and found him pounding on the keys to get the machine open.

Koba, who has owned Frank’s Superette for 60 years now, was holding a pair of scissors and told the man she was going to stab him with them if he didn’t leave, though she says she didn’t summon the nerve to go through with it.

He then allegedly took out what she called a “little sword” and waved it around. Although police say the sword actually measured about three feet long, it apparently didn’t faze Koba much, as she initially thought it looked like a toy and didn’t feel threatened by it.

“It just probably made me a little more brave,” she said.

The man then reportedly pushed Koba slightly to get away, moving her into a sitting position. That’s when the story gets even better, because Koba then found a golf club nearby.

“So I tried to swing this club at him and I tried to hit his head a couple of times but I couldn’t reach it, so I thought, ‘well, I can’t reach anything else,’ so I hit his leg,” Koba added.

The robber did manage to get away on a BMX bike with the till after ripping it off the counter in frustration, but police later recovered the register with the money inside, plus--get this--all of the suspect’s clothes.

“It’s like a comedy,” Koba said, also speculating that the robber must have been running around with no shoes on and in his undies after the nearly-successful heist.

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