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89 cent refill: $525 fine given after man didn't pay for refill

An 89 cent refill cost a construction worker $525 because he "stole" it. According to the New York Daily News, Christopher Lewis of of North Charleston, South Carolina was fined after he refilled his drink, thinking there was a "free refill" policy at a local Veteran's Affair hospital. A police officer cited Lewis, slapping him with a hefty fine for "shoplifting."

Lewis claims that he didn't see any sign about how to pay for refills and he insists that he wasn't trying to steal anything. As of now, Lewis isn't planning on paying the fine. He says that he will contest the ticket in court.

The 89 cent refill debacle is making waves on the Internet today, mainly because people can't believe that Lewis was given such a steep punishment for an accident that would have cost him less than $1.00 if he had paid. It seems obvious that Lewis would have paid for the refill had he had known that they weren't free -- but nowadays you just never know. Some people will do anything to save money -- even if it's just $1.00 (or 89 cents).

Whether or not Lewis was intentionally "stealing" the free drink or not, most would agree that the $525 fine is excessive.

Is an 89 cent refill really worth the aggravation?

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