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88-Year-old WW II Veteran Sent to Jail over Costly Building Repairs

88 year old WW II Vet Kenneth Knudson sent to jail over bldg repairs
88 year old WW II Vet Kenneth Knudson sent to jail over bldg repairs
photo credit – Fox4KC

Being a World War II veteran and a man that some may claim in Horton, Kansas is the “salt of the earth,” does not keep you out of jail. That is exactly the predicament that Kenneth Knudson, owner of Knudson Jewelry found himself in, the day after Christmas when he was jailed over not making costly building repairs, according to Fox News.

It seems that despite all of the other issues that the city of Horton could be dealing with, the town officials decided that Knudson had to spend a night in the pokey, because he did not have a plan for fixing a portion of a wall of his downtown building,

Knudson, who has been one of the town’s celebrated pillars for quite some time feels the punishment does not fit the crime. The former president of the town’s chamber suggested that if this was a home that was dilapidated he could well understand the city’s concern.

The city made a not so generous offer to make the repairs for him at a cost of $10,000 and when Knudson said he could not afford that, the elderly veteran was fined $100 and ordered to spend a night in jail.

But, there appears to be a bright side to this boo-humbug small town municipal tale. It appears according to Fox News that when news got out about the city’s mistreatment of Knudson, area contractors volunteered to make the necessary repairs for little or nothing.

With the New Year and repairs pending, it now appears that the Knudson Jewelry store owner and his wife of 66 years Veda do not have to worry about the WW II veteran spending another night under lock and key. Of course this would be of Horton’s city officials.

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