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86th Annual Oscars - Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres

86 Annual Oscars - Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres
86 Annual Oscars - Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres

Raise a glass and a brow this Sunday evening at 7e/4p as three-time American Comedy Award winner, Ellen DeGeneres, hosts the 86th annual Oscars for the second time.

Her lists of hosting gigs are stacked up high and so are expectations around the world.

“It’s one thing to be loved, but it’s profound to be understood,” DeGeneres recently unveiled, during an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts. “My intentions are to make people happy and to never hurt anybody.”

It’s probable to say DeGeneres is nervous, however, when it comes down to topics of costume preparation, you’d never know.
“I’m gonna change every-other sentence,” DeGeneres says, when asked by E! News correspondent, Kristina Guerrero, this past Wednesday.
“I’m doing it onstage. It’s a lot of inside-out stuff. I’ll just take a shirt and turn it inside-out to look like a different shirt.”

It’s well wondered how one is to accomplish a task such as this on live television.
At least fans have yet to be disappointed with Ellen’s answers.

When the question as to why hosts in the past have never thought of this idea before, DeGeneres adds with impressive wit, “Because no one is me.”

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