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85 years ago the first Academy Awards Ceremony was held

It was 85 years ago when the first Academy Awards Ceremony was held. The event happened on this day in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 270 people attended the event, it was Douglas Fairbanks, the president of the Academy, who made the official award presentations. 12 awards were presented at the dinner, which also there were 20 additional certificates of honorable mentions that were given to runners-ups in each awards category.

The 1st Academy Awards honored movies between Aug. 1, 1927 – Aug. 1, 1928. It's also a fun fact to know that the event was held three months after the winners were announced. I'm sure either way it was still fun!

Now to the winners:

Here's a list of the winners of that night:

  • Emil Jannings won Best Actor for two movies, "The Last Command," and "The Way."
  • Janet Gaynor won Best Actress for three movies, "7th Heaven," "Street Angel," and "Sunrise."
  • William Cameron Menzies won for Art Direction for two films, "The Dove" and "Tempest."
  • Cinematography had two winners, Charles Rosher and Karl Struss both for the same movie, "Sunrise."
  • Best Director for a Comedy went to Lewis Milestone for his movie "Two Arabian Knights."
  • Best Director for a Drama went to director Frank Borzage for "7th Heaven."
  • The Engineering Oscar went to Roy Pomeory for "Wings."
  • Best Picture went to of course "Wings."
  • "Sunrise" won the award for Unique and Artistic Picture.
  • The Writing (Adaptation) Oscar went to Benjamin Glazer for the film "7th Heaven."
  • The Writing (Original Story) Oscar went to Ben Hecht for "Underworld."
  • The Writing (Title Writing) Oscar went to Joseph Farnham.

So that was the first ever Academy Awards and it happened today, 85 years ago.


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