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85 year old lady loves Metallica


Photo: Douglas R. Clifford; St Petersburg Times

The most awesome granny in the world has been discovered! Margaret Priebe is 85 years young and is a longtime fan of metal group Metallica, who she will be seeing live with her
son this Saturday (10/3) in St. Petersburg, Florida. Margaret didn't just recently discover Metallica either. Quite the contrary, she's been rocking out to them for nearly a decade now. So while your momma might not dance and your daddy probably don't rock and roll, your grand mammy still headbangs to
"Enter Sandman."

Margaret has survived a very tough year last year which saw her battling lymphoma while also
undergoing chemotherapy treatments. While bed stricken she still summoned those metal men
in black to resurrect her flittering spirits by listening on her MP3 player. So much for easy listening
for this femme fa-tale. The prize for her diligent battle with disease and subsequent return to health will
be her first ever trip to see Metallica live in all their loud, demonic glory. Save your hearing aid jokes
because Mrs. Priebe doesn't need nor use one. This grandma is as metal as it gets.

The Florida resident has always had an affinity for what she refers to as "the hard music." Her
younger years in Detroit saw her become a fan of drummers like Gren Krupa, a sentiment not shared
buy her more conservative parents (she also thinks Lars Ulrich is "cute").  Her stab at playing music
came by way of piano lessons which left her unfulfilled as she was bored by the acute scales and
substance ridden exercises. Margaret longed to boogie.

She actually met her late husband while working with heavy metal (she inspected B-24 plane
engines during WWII). They married, moved to Cleveland, then eventually to Florida and shared a 44
year marriage that did not see a mutual love for said hard music. "I couldn't turn on the stuff when he
was around." After her husband's passing, she began sharing a house with her son Jim.

After being roused by hearing Metallica's orchestra-laden S&M album she finally started living out
loud, eventually purchasing and frequently cranking the album in her car and elsewhere. An
inventory of her chair table reads as follows: Art of Knitting DVD, large magnifying glass, Rough
Guide To Heavy Metal
and a Metallica magazine. She is unabashed in her love for James, Lars,
Kirk and Robert and heavy metal in general: "I like Metallica....people think I'm weird, but I like
it loud." Also a fan of Judas Priest and "the Molly Hatchet," this is one heavy metal mamma who
proves the age old adage that your only as old as you feel. Fortunately Margaret has been cancer
free for a year and will finally get her shot at rock and roll ecstasy, compliments of her favorite
metal sons, Metallica.

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