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85 inch TV: 85 inch with 8K resolution TV unveiled in Las Vegas

Sharp's 85" television
Sharp's 85" television
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

An 85 inch TV made by Sharp has been unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. On Jan. 7, NewsMax reported that the television -- that sports 8K resolution and glasses-free 3D -- turned heads at the gadget show with people staring at the huge television in awe.

"Although 8K televisions are a way off from appearing in our various consumer houses, the proof of the concept has been floating round shows for a long time," said Patrick Goss of And while you may be wondering if 8K resolution is the way of the future, it is... but it's still a ways off. Sharp is just staying ahead of the curve -- and it looks like they will be the first television manufacturer to offer such an incredible TV.

An 85 inch TV seems a bit excessive but more important than the size is the picture quality -- and the fact that 3D at home will be changing -- no more wearing those silly plastic glasses while on your couch! The HD television that most people have come to love will be a thing of the past too. According to Goss, the new Sharp models will have 16 times the resolution of the today's HD television. Can you even imagine?!

"Given that the world is just beginning to embrace 4K and content for that format is thin on the ground, we won't be expecting a massive shift into 8K just yet," Goss said.

Is an 85 inch TV just too much? Are you interested in learning more about Sharp's new line? Read below for more exciting news from Sharp.

"The Aquos line of LED Smart TVs is also getting new 60- and 70-inch models capable to deliver 4K Ultra HD playback, just like the Aquos Quattron line, which will also receive new 60- and 70-inch models. Finally, the Sharp Aquos HD will get new models from 60 inches to 90 inches, with the company expected to expand the small and mid-size offering as well this year."

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