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83-year old flamingo put down at Australian zoo

Greater the greater flamingo.
Greater the greater flamingo.

Greater, the world’s oldest (known) flamingo at the age of 83, is no more after being euthanized at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia.

“The difficult decision was made early this morning as its quality of life significantly deteriorated due to the complications of old age this past year,” stated the zoo’s CEO Elaine Bernsted, who told the Assocaiated Press in Australia that “the decision did not come easily.”

Greater, who was almost blind, arrived at the Zoo in 1933, although records as to where it came from have long been lost. In addition, the bird’s gender was never determined during all these years. However, its hardiness and will to survive was well noted, including its recovery from a merciless beating by teens in 2008.

A perennial Zoo favorite, a memorial for the bird is being considered near the heritage-listed flamingo pond there.

Greater is survived by its companion, “Chilly”, a 65 year-old Chilean flamingo, said to be Australia’s last flamingo.