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A Flock of Seagulls' van stolen

It would have been just another tour for A Flock Of Seagulls, but now it isn't. The band's tour van disappeared in the Los Angeles area from a Comfort Inn hotel in Downey on Saturday, July 21. The band reported the theft to the Downey Police Department Sunday morning after confirming that it was not towed.

A Flock of Seagulls circa 1982
A Flock of Seagulls

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, some of the items stolen were a Roland X6 keyboard, two black Fender Aerodyne Telecaster electric guitars with cream edge bindings and pickups, two hand-made Washburn lead guitars, and a customized drum kit equipped with electronics and triggers worth about $70,000.

The band also lost cell phones, studio equipment, and band merchandise. Much of the equipment dates back the 1980s and Score told ABC Evening News that it is specially programmed for their unique sound. Among the stolen items were computers containing the files for Scores upcoming solo album, his first.

"We were pretty close to the end. It's 18 months of work just basically thrown into the trash because some people don't have a real life and have to steal from others. People who do this kind of thing will never have a real life; I think karma in the end will come around and take whatever they have got."

The New Wave (post-punk) band from England was best known for the 1982 single "I Ran (So Far Away)" which is one of the most-played videos of all time owing to its futuristic look. A former hairdresser, Score's iconic blonde, birdlike hairdo remains on of the most memorable of 1980s bands. Nowadays, the 60-year-old Score is the only original member of the band, minus the 'do.

The show went on, with the band playing Sunday's free Concerts on the Green in Warner Park, using rented equipment. Score, whose band leaves for London Tuesday to continue the tour, said he spent much of Sunday reprogramming the sounds on the rented keyboard but that ultimately he could only approximate the sounds he wanted to create.

"When they steal stuff like that, they steal from people that pay to see the shows because the band is unable to play the songs as people want to hear them," Score said. The band posted a video of the van being stolen. The page holds a request posted by Armando of ABC7 News in Los Angeles.

At times stolen or lost equipment finds its way back to the owners. The band Menomena recovered some equipment when it was discovered at an unclaimed baggage center, despite being clearly marked with the owner's information. Local Los Angeles musician, AM blogged about his ukulele being stolen. The savvy owner of The Fretted Frog, a local guitar shop, recognized it and it was returned to AM.

It it certainly hoped that the band will recover their stolen items. Many band recognize that they are targets for thieves and take extra precautions. Check out the video to watch the van being stolen. If you have any information about the stolen items, please call the Downey Police Department at (562) 861-0771 and contact the band's representative on Facebook.

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