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800 Killed By Cartel Hitman –Testifies at Kingpin’s Trial of Murdered Americans

Arturo Gallegos Castrellon, known as  - El Farmero - , was the leader of the Aztecas gang
Arturo Gallegos Castrellon, known as - El Farmero - , was the leader of the Aztecas gang
photo credit - Press TV

The El Paso, Texas murder trial of Arturo Gallegos Castrellon, also known as “El Farmero,” is revealing stunning images of drug war brutality. Castrellon was the leader of the Barrio Azteca Gang before his arrest in 2010 for the murder of three U.S. Consulate workers and family members in Juarez, reported Fox News. Jesus Ernesto Chavez Castillo is considered a star witness at Castrellon’s murder trial and has admitted to being a notorious contract killer for the cartel.

It is the incomprehensible level of numbers of murders and the brutality which they have been carried out by cartel hit man like Castillo which has apparently stunned many at the murder trial. Testimony revealed that “the gang,had a daily murder quota calibrated to instill fear in police and the public,” according to Fox News. He admitted, “he stopped counting the number of people he killed at 800, and said he often beheaded and dismembered victims to impress his boss .” added Fox News.

The deaths of the Americans resulted from what some involved in the investigation appeared to be mistaken targets of the cartel. According to Fox News a former gang member as well as an FBI agent testified that the victims in the murders were driving a car similar to “a vehicle rival gang members had been spotted in.”

Fox News suggests that, “Castrellon is accused of ordering the March 2010, shootings of Lesley Enriquez, her husband, El Paso County Sheriff’s Officer Arthur Redfels, and Jorge Alberto Salcido Ceniceros.”

Since the arrest of Castrellon the number of murders has dropped dramatically in Juarez which had at one time earned the infamous title of “Murder Capital of the World.” In fact according to Press TV Arturo Gallegos Castrellon “confessed to ordering most killings in Juarez since August 2009, including the murder of a US counselor employee and an attack in January, which left 15 teenagers dead.”

Since the arrest of 35 gang members in 2010, the city of Juarez’s murder rate has “plummeted to 2,086 in 2011 from 3,622 a year earlier.” The next year, in 2012 there were only 751 murders,” reported Fox News.

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