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800 222 1222 Pet Poison Control

This is a beautiful time of year. Spring is coming, the sun is shining, it is warmer and flowers are coming up. Our pets can’t wait to go out and play, sun themselves and snoop around. There is one thing we must remember and that is the access to poison control for pets. The telephone number is 1-800-222-1222 or if you would rather
This is when pets get into anti-freeze, eat plants which are poison and drink other solutions. We need to be alert to what is within their area. Many times this is the first time outside for any time at all. This is their exploring time and especially for a new puppy or kitten this is a whole new world. However, things we don’t even think of can be fatal for our pets, example Easter Lilies and cats.
Know what is in your yard or at least within the nose of a pet. If you have an animal which explores the community, be aware if they get into something they can’t tell you but will try to get to you. If they come home sick, know your vets contact number by heart, you can call poison control and they may be able to help you. Poison Control is the best when we know what they have been in, however that is not always the case. Know your pet and be prepared.

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