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’80 Days’ now available on iPad, iPhone

’80 Days’ now available on iPad, iPhone-slide0
Inkle Studios

Inkle Studios and London-based publisher Profile Books’ story-driven adventure “80 Days” is now available on iPhone and iPad, the developer and publishing house announced in an press release obtained by Examiner today.

’80 Days’ now available on iPad, iPhone

Set in an alternate-version of Jules Verne’s Victorian era classic, “Around the World in 80 Days,” the game sends players on a frenetic, but strategy-filled adventure in a wild steampunk world created by author Meg Jayanth.

According to the press release, the game features a story larger than the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and allows the gamer to make over 10,000 choices that affect the gameplay experience. The game also features a rich multi-player experience where gamers can track each others’ adventures in an effort to see who can complete the worldwide journey the quickest.

“80 Days is a game where you are not the only hero. The characters you encounter, each with their own stories, may be as lost as you are, as beautiful, as venal, as foolish or determined or ridiculous," Jayanth said in today’s press release. "When you play 80 Days, Passepartout's stories -- your stories -- never go quite where you expect them to. You can change the world of 80 Days and, hopefully, it will change you back."

For more 80 Days details, please visit the official website:

Will you download “80 Days” for your iPad or iPhone today? Tells us in the comment section below.

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