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80/35 Acts: Mumford's

This is the first in a series of articles about groups/bands performing at the 2012 incarnation of the famed 80/35 Music Festival. Look forward to at least one article per week, reviewing about each band, and giving information for those of you who are unfamiliar with these groups. This week, Mumford's is the topic.

When I started looking for stuff to talk about for the upcoming summer of concerts and festivals, I realized I've never given deference to one of the most unappreciated music festivals in the Des Moines area. 80/35 is a huge fest, over two days during the July 4th weekend, which has occurred for five years now including this upcoming stint. Many huge national acts have performed here: The Flaming Lips, The Roots, Public Enemy, Modest Mouse, and more have graced the stage.

So you're asking yourself: "Alright, what's so special about Mumford's?"

Imagine a mid-90's ska-punk band. Then throw all your pre-conceptions out the window. This group has an amazing recorded presence -- flipping from ska-punk to melodic, harmony driven vocalizations over brilliant acoustic picking -- and they are no slouch. The first song that came up when I heard them on MySpace was a little ska-punk-fueled rager called "The Mirror-Me." This song is impressive. Diving further through their online music, you'll find a track called "Food." This track is simple and melodic, and is haunting as it is tongue-in-cheek about being the "King of Food." "Cookin' Day" is a dirty-blues track, with a nod to smoky barrooms of old, and just sounds crazy when you mix the horns in with the blues guitar.

This group is nothing short of different. They will surely be an impressive set to watch at 80/35. Mumford's are signed with Maximum Ames Records.

Check out the live performance posted on this article!


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