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$80,000 stolen dogs: Thieves nab French bulldog and more than a dozen puppies

$80,000 stolen dogs
$80,000 stolen dogs
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

One Miami man returned New Year’s Eve to find his dogs valued at $80,000 stolen from his home, according to a Jan. 3 Reuters report. Police say Marcelo Cicuta’s stolen dogs included his prize French bulldog and more than a dozen puppies.

Award winning French bulldog El Che, named after Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara is no stranger to the competition circuit. Che has won prizes at the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club dog show and the 2009 French Bulldog Club of America National Specialty Show, proud owner Cicuta said.

According to the Miami Herald, thieves stole the dogs while Cicuta and his mother celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends at a kennel. According to the Miami breeder, at least two of the litters are so young that they may not live long without the comfort of their mothers.

“I need help. They need their mothers,” Cicuta said Thursday. “They need milk from their mother, or any mother for survival.”

Miami police are investigating the theft, and speculate that the stolen dogs were carried out of the home in a pillowcase. The thieves appeared to focus solely on the dogs, leaving behind a laptop, iPad, jewelry and other valuable items. “What’s distinct about this case is someone may have known he had a champion show dog,” said Officer Kenia Reyes, a police spokeswoman.

The 15 stolen puppies are 16 and 27 days old, and the thieves left a third litter of five puppies and two older female dogs behind, Reuters reports.

Cicuta believes the culprits are familiar with his dog breeding business.

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