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$80,000 stolen dogs: Pedigree pups taken out in pillow cases in Miami dog heist

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$80,000 in stolen dogs, with one dog alone worth $50,000, was the take of a burglar who broke into a breeder’s home this week. Police figure that the person or persons who took a prize French bulldog and two litters of French bulldog puppies had the dogs in mind when breaking into the home, according to The Inquisitr on Jan. 3.

A Miami dog breeder came home from a New Year’s Eve party to find his prize show dog and two litters of puppies gone. The canines combined were worth close to $80,000 to the breeder, but that wouldn't be the same case for the person who took the dogs. The criminal couldn’t get anything close to that amount for the dogs because they don’t have their papers.

A dog’s worth diminishes greatly without their pedigree papers when it comes time to make a sale. The American Kennel Club spokesperson Lisa Peterson said:

“These criminals figure they’ll steal these dogs, sell them below market value, and make a quick buck.”

The person or persons who took these dogs were picky or maybe they just didn’t have the manpower to carry all the dogs out of the breeder’s home. They took the two most expensive litters of puppies, leaving a third litter behind. CBS Miami reports that there were a total of 16 dogs taken. This includes the adult dog with 15 puppies from the two litters.

They also took the champion dog, the one that is worth $50,000. Police deduct from the crime scene that the puppies were put into pillow cases and carried out of the house. The person or persons who committed this crime knew what they were going after police believe. This wasn't just a random burglary, these criminals wanted the dogs.

Jewelry, TVs and other valuables weren't touched in this break-in. The only thing missing besides the dogs were the victim's mother's pillow cases, which police believe were used to carry out the dogs.



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