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8 year old girl kicked out of Christian school for being too much like a boy

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Eight year old Sunnie Kahle is what previous generations would have called a "tomboy". She doesn't like dresses (much like one of my sisters) and has a boys' haircut.

If I had to wager, I don't think she will be wearing makeup six or seven years from now. That is fine, she is the way that she is and who she is does nobody, including herself, any harm.

But to a Christian school in Lynchburg, Virginia, she is a threat. Timberlake Christian School doesn't want any girl who is too much like a boy, and they obviously don't want a boy who is too much like a girl in his mannerisms.

So this school kicked out little Kahle. This is their right to do so, since they are a private and not a public school, but does it show their religion in a good light?

Also, how much of it is because they fear Sunnie being a budding lesbian, and how much of it is just fear of gender role reversal?

Indeed, information has come out that Sunnie has been a victim of bullying, including being forced into a boys' bathroom by a group of boys.

All this behavior shows why fundamentalist Christianity is morally bankrupt.