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8-year-old boy dies in fire trying to save grandfather after saving 6 in family

An 8-year-old boy died after saving six relatives from a raging fire. He died while trying to rescue his disabled grandfather from the inferno which had encompassed the trailer they were staying in, according to MSN News on Jan 22.

8-year-old dies in fire trying to save his grandfather after he had already saved six other family members.
YouTube screen shot

This Penfield, New York boy was awakened by a burning blanket that was covering his four-year-old cousin. He went into action running through the thick smoke to wake up the other family members in the house.

Tyler Doohan saved four adults and two children from this fire, but he perished along with his grandfather and his uncle. Firefighters are calling Tyler a hero today.

The family members that got out alive said if Tyler hadn’t woken them up, they would have also perished in the fire. There were nine family members staying in the 14-foot-by-60-foot trailer when it went up in flames about 4:45 a.m. on Monday.

Tyler was at his grandfather’s house because he had the following day off from school, Martin Luther King Day. After Tyler woke up the six relatives, who made it outside, he went back in for his grandfather.

57-year-old, Lewis Beach, Tyler’s grandfather had his leg amputated. so Tyler ran back in to get him. Beach used crutches and a wheelchair to get around, so apparently it was Tyler’s intention to get him up on one of those devices to get him out of the trailer.

Firefighters found Tyler’s body just a few feet from his dead grandfather who was still in bed. Tyler’s 54-year-old uncle, Steven Smith, was found dead in another area of the trailer.

When the first wave of firefighters arrived they attempted to enter the trailer, but were immediately pushed back by the flames. All six survivors of the fire suffered injuries, but none were life-threatening.
The investigation into the fire is on-going, but it appears to be electrical in origin, fire authorities report.

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