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8 year old boy accused of dousing puppies with bleach

puppies doused with bleached
puppies doused with bleached

An 8-year-old boy is accused of dousing two puppies, a male and a female, with bleach. The boy could be charged with animal cruelty but the boy and his mother claim there's a misunderstanding.

The females eyes are swollen. She's got ulcers in her mouth and tongue but her bother is in worse shape with similar injuries and chemical burns.

Shelter manager Renee Webb says the two were doused by a chemical you would use while doing laundry

One of the puppies was found in a dumpster a Fond Du Lac neighborhood. A woman who didn't want to go on camera says she was watching the dogs for her ex-boyfriend.

She believes her 8-year-old son received a puppy bite and splashed what he thought was water on the dogs but turned out to be bleach.

The boy then placed that dog in a bag and threw it away.

The two are receiving near constant care at a foster home, but it's unclear if they will survive.

Dog food drop offs and online donations have followed. Volunteers say they've received at least $1500 through the web Monday alone.

"It has everyone absolutely touched, "Webb said

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