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8 ways to achieve bodily self repair during this summer

Our bodies were made to self repair but in today’s hyper computerized wired living, many of us never provide the opportunity for our bodies to self repair resulting in malfunction we call sickness and diseases.

Healthy Foods for the Summer
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

This is summer, a period of long periods of daylight and improved sense of wellbeing. How can we take advantage of this health boosting period to ensure we generate self repair resources in our body system that carry us into the fall and winter?

There are many ways in which we can ensure we do not squander the health boosting summer months. Here are 8 of them

1. Go for daily long walks outside. Walk for as long as you can. This will stimulate every part of your body and empower you to receive a lot of healing biochemical light fields from the sun. You will feel calmer and better able to meet life’s challenges.

2. Supplement walking with other outdoor exercises for example rope skipping, swimming, basketball, soccer, tennis, jogging and so on. Other exercise cannot replace walking, which is a fundamental exercise and cannot be replaced. It is much the same concept as the fact that supplements cannot replace foods.

3. Visit the farmer’s market and buy fresh foodstuff, such as vegetables and fruits. Take the opportunity to talk to the farmers and learn more about their farming practices to ensure you are getting the kind of quality you think you are. There are usually many farmers at the farmer’s market and you can talk to each one to see whose farming practice meets your need for quality. If there is an organic farm farmer available, I will recommend buying from him. Many farmers markets also have other food items such as bread, honey, cheese and even fish (especially wild caught fish) organic chicken and grassfed beef and lamb available.

4. If you can, visit the local farm directly to buy your chicken directly from the poultry

5. Buy your meat directly from the farm too and make sure you include the parts such as liver, kidney, cow foot, tripe and so on

6. Make one day a week a computer free day and shut down everything including texting. Only use the phone for talking (Tip: use more of the landline and less of the cellphone). No texting and no emails or browsing on the Internet
7. Attend family functions and other events and talk to people face to face.. There are some messaging biochemical light fields that we generate from interpersonal relationships that affect other areas of our body system. Take time to build them up.

8. Read outside with the light of the sun allowing the fresh air and the sun to work on your eyes while carrying out the activity of reading. This will help in repairing some of the damage caused by viewing computer screens that force our eye muscles to continually focus and refocus while reading non static pixels.

Enjoy your summer and stay healthy.

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