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8 things you can do online to show someone you care

Show you care... bear. ;)
Show you care... bear. ;)
Photo by Jena Ardell.

Looking to score a few brownie points with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Here are eight simple things you can do from the comfort of your computer or smart phone to show your significant you care. And since everyone appreciates a random act of kindness, these ideas can be applied to friends and family as well. Smiles guaranteed.

8. Upload an image that includes both you and your significant other as your Facebook default photo. As trivial as it seems, it shows you're happily taken and proud to be in a relationship.

7. Send a short, sweet email to your S.O.'s work email. (Keep it PG; we don't want to get anyone in trouble). Simply let your guy or gal know you're thinking of them, and a response isn't necessary.

6. Create and share a Google Calendar that highlights anniversaries, milestones and planned activities. Not only will it serve as a friendly reminder, but it will also give your S.O. something to look forward to celebrating in the months ahead.

5. Buy your S.O. a small gift and have it mailed to their house. You can browse Etsy for a handmade or vintage item or browse Amazon for a book or DVD. The size (and price) of the gift doesn't matter, just finding a surprise in the mailbox will make his/her day.

4. Plan a day trip. Think local and discover a hidden gem near your hometown. Sites like AtlasObscura or Roadtrippers can help you find unique adventures. If you're feeling bold and have the funds, start seriously planning that epic roadtrip you've been discussing for months.

3. Turn your S.O.'s favorite Instagram photo into a work of art. Sites like CanvasPop and allow you to explore creative avenues with your Instagram collection. If you're short on cash, you can opt to mail a Postagram of your favorite photo memory instead.

2. Surprise your S.O. by purchasing tickets for a local event, concert or comedy club. Forward the confirmation email to your special someone with subject line: 'Date Night'.

1. Show interest in your S.O.'s online endeavors. If your guy or gal posts photos on Flickr or pens a blog, visit the site and leave a comment to show you're actively following their interests and 'listening' to what she or he has to say. Good listening skills transpire to the digital world as well.

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