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8 things to do with empty toilet paper rolls for Valentine's Day

toilet paper
toilet paper
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Before you toss those empty cardboard rolls in the recycling bin, send them over to the art table to get a workout. Here are eight projects you can do with your kids for Valentine's Day.

1. Heart Stampers. Pinch the roll at one end to form the point of a heart, and bend the other end inward to form the top. A piece of tape across the top can help it stay in place. Dip in paint and stamp hearts on lunch bags, home made cards, wrapping paper, and more.

2. Heart Garland. Follow the similar folding and bending technique from the stampers, and then cut into many thin pieces. Staple or string them together, and paint with watercolors or adorn with stickers.

3. Paper Roll Owls. These are adorable, and owls are everywhere. For the complete step-by-step, visit Happy Clippings.

4. Paper Roll Butterflies.Stand the empty tube upright, and glue two hearts to the back (points together, tops outward) to make wings. A couple of pipe cleaners for antennae and some googly eyes complete the piece.

5. Candy Game. Are you in charge of the activities for the class party? This one is super simple and fun. Cover empty rolls with paper, stickers, or paint. Cut into varying lengths between 1-3 inches. Line up on a cookie sheet and place a candy or small toy in each tube. Kids toss a ping-pong ball and get the prize wherever the ball lands.

6. Bird Feeder. By this time of the year the birds could probably use a treat. Spread empty rolls with peanut butter and roll in birdseed. Done and Done. String with pretty red ribbons and hang on the trees for a birdie Valentine.

7. Candy Valentine. Cover rolls with scrapbook paper, or decorated plain paper. Pinch one end and glue or staple shut. Fill with conversation hearts and close the other end. Have kids deliver these to Grandma or Grandpa for a special treat.

8. You'll have to just click and look at this little guy. We all need a few of these on our tables...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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