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8 steps to lose weight without dieting

Mind Body Spirit
Mind Body Spirit
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Have you ever been affected by the word diet and everything associated with it? You want to lose weight since the summer season is approaching but you haven't been able to stick to the plan in the past and you feel discouraged this time around? The word diet has become taboo. People associate restrictions, deprivation, unhappiness and suffering with this word.

Diet alone will not help you lose weight. What's the ultimate goal? Why do we want to lose weight? Isn't the ultimate goal in any endeavor to feel a certain way?

This is why putting yourself on a "diet" won't help you lose weight. There are other factors to consider when wanting to lose weight.

These are called Primary Foods and they play a crucial role in your health and happiness: relationships, career, spirituality and health.

Step 1- Ditch the diet lingo.

Step 2- Become aware of the foods you are eating and slowly incorporate nutrient dense foods. This means limiting and eventually getting rid of the bad- processed foods, carbonated drinks, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and ingredients.

Step 3- Find your flow in exercise. Figure out what works for you. There's no need to hop on the bandwagon of the fitness or diet trend. What works for one person won't work for someone else. We need to get to know our bodies.

For example, if our jobs or home lives cause us stress, going to the gym and pushing ourselves may not be the best route to take. The point is to balance it all out. If we're already in a state of stress, we need more easing exercises like yoga, taking walks, swimming and biking.

Step 4: Become aware of your relationships especially the one you have with yourself. Are you taking care of yourself first? How are your other relationships? A toxic relationship can be putting a damper on all other aspects of your life. Evaluate and take steps to mend anything that needs more love and support.

Step 5: Do you have a spiritual practice such as meditation? We should just all be aware that we are part of a bigger purpose and we all have the opportunity to change ourselves and the world we live in with each passing moment.

Step 6: Evaluate your career. Are you happy? Do you want more? Are you doing what you love? If not, how can you make some changes that will get you back on track so you can love the work you do?

Step 7: Self care. If you're not taking care of yourself, you're not the only one who will suffer. Listen to your body. Rest when you need to and don't feel bad about it. Nothing in your life will be able to flourish and shine if you don't nurture and take care of yourself daily.

Step 8: Creativity and fun- never lose your kid like sense of wonder. Don't take life so seriously. Do something you love every single day and make it a priority. Explore the world around you and keep an open mind. Never stop learning and never stop growing.

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