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8 sizzling tips for a hot Valentine's Day

8 Sizzling Tips for Hot Valentine's Day Sex
8 Sizzling Tips for Hot Valentine's Day Sex

Valentine's Day is a special day where lovers can celebrate one another. Though you shouldn't need a special day of the year to make your partner feel loved and special, it's still a nice day to take a little extra time to show you really do care and that you love them, as life often gets in the way of being able to do that every day. Of course, Valentine's Day is associated with love and all the gooey warm feelings that come along with it, but sex is also one of them. As love and sex go hand in hand, these 8 tips should help even the most forgetful and often unemotional partner’s show that they really do care, especially in the bedroom.

1. Listen and Then Listen Some More

Everyone wants to be heard, especially women. Often, it's hard to take in all of what your partner is saying, as there are other life matters to worry about. But if you take even an hour on Valentine's Day to show your partner you have been listening, and to maybe even do a little more listening, they'll certainly thank you for it, maybe even in the sexiest of ways.

2. Notice And Apply

Listening should extend into the bedroom as well. Have you noticed what particularly gets your partner's engine revving? If you haven't, you should probably start. Taking the time to notice what feels good to your partner will not only create better Valentine's Day sex, but will also create better sex for every day of the year and will strengthen your relationship much more than previously. Do the things that your partner likes, and make them feel special and like you worship them, they may just return the favor.

3. Slow Down

Often times both men and women rush right to sex, and take very little time for some foreplay or heavy petting. This Valentine's Day, take some time to tease and rev up. This can be anything from a make out session to a sexy massage. Take some extra time and don't rush right into the deed. Chances are, both you and your partner will enjoy sex much more if you take some time for the small things.

4. Give A Sexy Gift

Everyone likes receiving gifts on Valentine's Day. Though jewelry is always much appreciated, maybe you should throw in a little gift that says "I want you." This gift can be anything from new lingerie to a new sex toy and beyond. It's also okay to get creative with this sexy gift, like making a homemade sex game if you're short on money. This is not only guaranteed to make your partner feel special, but may also make them feel a bit sexy as well, which is always a plus.

5. Reconnect Emotionally

Though sex is a great way to show someone you love them, reconnecting emotionally is also needed. Life struggles, worries and practices can often drive a wedge between you and your partner emotionally. This is why on Valentine's Day, you should take some time to get to know your partner emotionally. This can be done through tantric activities, such as some nude cuddling, feeling of heart beat's and just respecting and admiring each other's being. This is sure to make you and your partner feels much closer, therefore leading to better and hotter sex.

6. Enjoy Each Other

Couples often find it hard to find the time to really get out and enjoy one another; this is especially true for couples with kids. So this Valentine's Day, take some time to go out and eat, or even just go for a romantic walk. Do something together that you both enjoy, and take the time to let life's worries and preoccupations to drip away, even if just for that one day. When couples have time to get out and have fun together, they are likely to feel romantically connected much easier, leading to better sex.

7. Turn Off The Phone And Close The Blinds

Distractions of everyday life can often get in the way of romance. This Valentine's Day, you may want to turn off the phone, take the kids to grandma's and shut out the world. Take some time to reconnect, enjoy one another and just be together. This is sure to be a great beginning to a very sexy and romantic night.

8. Don't Stress The Small Stuff

Even with the most intricate planning, something may go wrong. Not everything is perfect, and it's important to remember that even if you want to make the day amazing, sometimes things happen. Roll with the punches and remember the true meaning of Valentine's Day, celebrating the love you have for your partner.

Final Words

Valentine's Day is a great way to celebrate the love between two people, and sex is a great way to end that day. By following these tips, you'll have a greater chance of having an amazing Valentine's Day celebration, with an amazing and sexy ending as well.

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