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8 simple rules- What to wear when attending an outdoor wedding

As we enter the summer months, many people will face the challenge of deciding what is (and what isn't) appropriate to wear to that outdoor wedding they were invited to many months ago. Choosing an outfit when attending an outdoor wedding is incredibly tricky. One has to worry about the weather, the location, the time of day, etc..etc..etc.. Hopefully, as the day of the wedding quickly approaches, these tips will help you choose the right dress as you overwhelmingly sift through the racks at the mall.

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1. How formal is the wedding?- The first thing you need to know is how formal  the wedding is. Usually if weddings occur after 6pm, they require white-tie dress (which would be a gown).  But before 6pm, it is slightly more casual

2. Keep it bright & fun!- It's summertime! For an outdoor wedding you should most definitely wear vibrant, bold colors or floral print dresses. Whether a day or nighttime wedding, keep your look summer-y! Think light, flowing fabrics and strapless or strappy dresses.

3. Accessories- Keep your makeup and jewelry super minimal.  The makeup will melt right off your face in the heat, and no one wants that streak of black eyeliner smudged across their cheek as they wipe the sweat off their face on the dance floor. And chunky jewelry will just be hot and irritating on your skin. It's best to just keep it very simple.

4. Keep your hair in mind- You're hair is incredibly important,  you don't want it to be frizzy and out of control in the hot and humid summer weather. Be sure to use the right products to reduce frizz and fly-aways.  A great idea is to loosely pull your hair back in a casual updo or use a cute barette to pull the fronts back.  A nice, colorful flower  is a wonderful hair  accesory and hair clip, it will add a bold and unique statement to any dress.

5. An option other than stockings?- Wearing stockings to an outdoor wedding where it will be hot and sticky and gross is just a bad idea. They add another, unneeded layer that will just hold in the heat, and you'll be regretting it all night. Instead, try using Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen. It's this awesome makeup product for your legs! All you do is spray it on your legs, rub it in till it's even, and then rock your bare, sexy legs all night. You can purchase it at any CVS or Rite Aid and it covers up all imperfections right away!

6. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes- Shoes can be a tricky choice as well.  Every girl loves to just throw on a pair of stilettos, but with an outdoor wedding you have to keep in mind how much grass you will be walking on.  Wearing stilettos will just make you sink right into the freshly cut grass and leave your date trying to pull you out. It's a messy situation and not flattering at all. An easy solution is to throw on a cute pair of slingback wedges!

7. Keep it PG- Make sure your outfit is not too sexy or revealing.  It's hard to determine just how much skin you should or should not show, and many of the dresses in the stores are very revealing this time of year.  But remember, if you're showing a lot of leg...keep the girls at home (and vice versa). Remember you will be around family and the last thing you want to do is shock and apall grandma at the wedding.

8. Never show up the bride- Probably the most important rule when attending any wedding is to NOT wear white.  You will take away attention from the bride and she most likely won't be too happy about it. 

If you follow these 8 simple rules, you'll be looking stunning and ready to dance the night away at the next summer wedding you attend!