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8 Reasons To Avoid Your Computer Geek For Data Recovery

Crashed hard drive
Crashed hard drive
SERT Data Recovery

Your hard drive crashed and your important photos are on there. Of course you want them back, except you have absolutely no idea what to do. You are probably freaking out about this time thinking they are lost forever.

You are looking for a place that can get your data back for you.

So what's the problem?

Reasons to avoid your computer or IT geek for data recovery:

  1. They don't have the experience
  2. They don't have the specialized technical knowledge and training
  3. They will ship your drive out of state to some other company
  4. They only can use software in house which can damage the drive or overwrite the data
  5. They don't have a clean room environment or the proper equipment
  6. You usually only get one shot at recovery
  7. Misdiagnosing the problem will make things worse or damage your drive
  8. After they damage your drive there is nothing anyone can do

The common progress of events: The computer repair store you went to last month gave you a pretty good experience, and the price was the right price. So you call them up and ask them if they can get your pictures back for you from your external drive that isn't recognized by your computer any more. They tell you $500 for the recovery and you are willing to pay that to get your photos back.

Or perhaps you think that the IT department at work can help you since they always get you out of your email and computer jams at work. They have saved the day on more than one occasion they have got to be able to save you in this situation.

Data recovery is a highly technical field outside of the realm of computer repair and IT.

Well, what you don't know is data recovery is a very technical and specialized field. Not only do the techs in this field require specialized training and knowledge regular computer and IT certifications don't even touch, but the correct equipment to get your data back safely is extremely expensive.

Properly diagnosing the data/device failure is the first major contributor to preserving the integrity of your data, and having a successful recovery. Misdiagnosing the failure is the quickest way to permanently destroy your data.

Hundreds of computer repair companies, but very few actual data recovery companies.

This situation is more common than you think, especially in Palm Beach County Florida. There are a hundred computer repair shops, but only one real data recovery company in West Palm Beach that actually does every kind of recovery in house.

Most of the time if these computer shops make the claims that they specialize in it, it's because they will take your drive and ship it out to another state, usually California to a real data recovery company to do the recovery.

Reason being, the equipment and the proper environment is very expensive, and then having the trained personnel to operate it is a whole other factor. There is nothing easy or cheap about performing quality data recovery services, it's important to understand your data may not be worth the cost.

Major national data recovery companies:

Real data recovery companies like the ones mentioned above should have:

  • A clean room on premise
  • The equipment to do head swaps
  • Work in the service area of the drive
  • Swap PCB boards
  • Solder connections
  • Re write firm ware
  • Replace modules.

They will also have the capability to:

  • Recover RAID configurations for servers if they go down
  • Repair and recover USB and FLASH drives
  • Recover USB Western Digital drives
  • Recover basically ANY drive
  • Recovery MAC drives
  • Recover SSD drives

Your local computer store won't have the ability to do any of this in house.

Every computer repair company is going to say they do data recovery, but unless they specialize in data recovery they do not have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to do it correctly and safely.

Ask them what qualifies them as a data recovery company.

REMEMBER: Your data is important and you usually only get one shot at recovering data when your hard drive has crashed. There is a point that comes suddenly, where no matter how much money you spend, your data is lost forever.

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