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8 natural remedies that can improve your skin

Applying cosmetics
Applying cosmetics

Acquiring and maintaining healthy and vibrant skin requires commitment. In today’s world many people of both genders trust their Esthetician to help them put their best face forward. People who receive facials or skin care treatments on a regular basis know the value of their Esthetician, and they don't blink an eye when it comes to paying for this specialized service.  Beyond the steaming and creaming that Estheticians are known for performing in a treatment, you should receive viable and effective solutions for your skincare challenges and goals. An Esthetician with a thorough knowledge of the skin, its type, condition, and overall health can be an invaluable resource.

Current trends show the world of esthetics is no longer just about the media’s standard of beauty or products and cosmetics. Your experience with an Esthetician should include a total-person approach to healthy skin. 

Effective skincare products do make a difference in the condition of your skin. Expertly chosen and applied cosmetics can disguise many flaws. You can topically change your skin’s appearance or look temporarily taut with a good skincare regime. However, consumers should be reminded that the skin and how it works never changes

What if you went a few steps beyond the exterior, all the way to vibrant, luminous, healthy skin? You can nourish and coax your skin into dynamic, real health. There are eight commitments to your health that are imperative to achieve this goal. These eight steps are known as the Eight Natural Remedies and were originally outlined in the book Ministry of Healing, published in 1905. 

The remedies are: 

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Temperance
  • Air
  • Rest
  • Trust in divine power

Your skin’s health often indicates your total body health. These natural remedies may appear too difficult or confusing to achieve in “real life” and might be more of a change than many people are prepared to consider. But that is just it – they’re natural laws of health with proven success. If you are interested in beauty that is definitely more than skin deep, consider making a commitment to change your life and your skin’s health.

In forthcoming pages you will learn how each one of the remedies affects your skin, and a few tips to enhance a successful skincare regime.


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