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8 Must Have Summer Getaway Pieces

Going out of town for the weekend can be rejuvenating and fun. The only little snag can be in packing just enough of the right things. If you are one of those people who always seem to over pack and leave little room for bringing home memorabilia then this article is just for you.

Hapari Swimsuit

The Comfy Swimsuit
Hapari Swimsuits are designed with the idea that no woman should ever have to worry about her shape. Which is great because that’s the last thing you want to think about while sitting pool or beachside. Plus there is no riding up and that is something that no one wants to deal with every time you get up to walk to the water, (

The Perfect Pair of White Jeans
Nothing can be more essential in any wardrobe than a great pair of Jeans; especially summer white ones. Anything that can perform double duty is a much needed staple. Wear these day or night, (

The Sexy Dress
What woman doesn’t love to feel adorable, without the clingy dress making her feel bloated even when she isn’t? This fuchsia dress screams fun and dancing when paired with the right shoes and earrings it says; hello knockout, (

The Cute Top
Gray has become the new great, where everywhere neutral. This graphite linen jersey is the perfect staple because it can be dressed up or kept simple. (

The Right Accessory
Trying to decide if you want to wear gold or silver is something you don’t have to think about when you get these lovely Limbo earrings. They've kept it simple by combining the two metals. You’re welcome, (

The Protection from the Chill
Although it is summer that doesn’t mean there won’t be nights that are just a little less than warm. A denim jacket is always a good go to. Stretchy and cropped in organic cotton, who could ask for anything more? (

Shoe Fetish
So we have all heard of CROCS but have you really seen what they’ve got? Although they still have their standard go-tos they have enhanced their line with cute looks like these sexi flip sandals. A definite must have (

The Sunscreen
The most important thing one should always pack for any holiday and use every day is SPF. Hawaiian Tropic has been providing sun protection for every inch of our bodies. The formula that is found in their face protection is great because it goes on with ease and can be worn not only for when you are catching rays but also under your moisturizer or foundation. ( Follow me on twitter to find out how you can get one of the sunscreens for free @cheryls-grant

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