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8 lessons to live in life

We're all created by the whatever name you choose to use

“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart…Van Goethe

Recently an article was posted on Huff Post Parents and I feel inspired to share the essence of the article, but with the caveat that the eight lessons listed are valuable for all humans on this earth – not only for daughters or women. Dr. Smita Malhotra’s lessons aim to teach others to live authentically, passionately and gracefully.

The 8 Lessons are topics are listed below. The complete lessons are available here.

1. If someone hurts you, don't take it personally.

2. Keep a portion of what you earn for saving and another for giving back.

3. Live every day as if it was a Friday.

4. You do not need anyone's approval.

5. In every tough situation, try kindness first.

6. Do not complain unless you can suggest a solution.

7. Learn to be present.

8. Don't let the world make you bitter.

With all the turmoil and tension throughout the world, imagine how a more peaceful place could evolve if life were lived more authentic, with greater fullness: to be present, to live in gratitude, to love and respect the individual character of each person. These lessons are valid for mankind – not just children, youth or young adults, but by each of us. It could begin today if we're willing.

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