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8 high net worth individuals who are giving back

When you have a lot of money and a high net worth, it’s important that you do something to help give back to the community. There are many millionaires and billionaires who give back every day. When considering those who gives back, it’s interesting to take a look at their net worth and how they do it.

Tej Kohli

Tej Kohli is an international businessman who runs and works with a number of companies. His net worth is estimated to be nearly $6 billion. He runs the Tej Kohli Foundation, which works to raise awareness and fund programs to help underprivileged children and families all around the world.

The foundation, with the help of Tej Kohli, has recently been working with the blind in India to ensure that they get transplants and eye donations. In addition to this, the foundation offers meals to children who are malnourished and extends educational opportunities to children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go to school.

Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda have a net worth of about $72 billion. They're well-known all around the world for their charitable contributions. In 2012, they donated about $1.9 billion. But over their lifetimes thus far, they've gifted about $28 billion to charities around the world.

The founder of Microsoft feels strongly about eradicating diseases, currently helping to combat malaria and polio. He donates to a number of charity organizations, including the World Health Organization and the United Negro College Fund.

In addition, the couple has founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation works all around the world with people who don’t have the money or other options to get vaccinations and other medical help they need. The foundation also works to ensure that students who are in underprivileged areas get the education that they need and deserve.

Richard Kinder

Richard Kinder has a net worth of about 10.2 billion, ranking him as the 40th richest person in the United States. He has used his money to become one of the top philanthropists in the United States. In 2012, he donated $23.6 million.

Richard Kinder gives to a number of groups, including Rice University, and a number of Catholic schools in inner-city areas and the Archdiocese of Galveston. In addition to this, he pledged about $50 million to the Houston Parks Board project in 2013. With a variety of interests, Richard Kinder offers his money to those he feels will benefit the best from its use.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is worth nearly $54 billion. Over his lifetime he has given more than $17 billion to a number of charities and organizations. He's considered one of the wealthiest men in the world. On top of that, he's one of the most well-known philanthropists.

Warren Buffet is a co-trustee in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition to this, he has donated to other charities such as Girls, Inc. Warren Buffet has said that he doesn't believe in dynastic wealth, and that his children won't be inheriting the majority of his money will he dies.

George Kaiser

With a total of lifetime donations of more than $3.3 billion so far, George Kaiser is one of the highest netting philanthropists. He has a net worth of about $10 billion. He has worked with the George Kaiser Family Foundation to help eliminate poverty in the state of Oklahoma. He also signed a pledge to give away at least half of his wealth to charities and other philanthropic organizations. When he signed this pledge, he joined a number of other high net worth individuals, such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Gordon More

When talking about donations as a large part of net worth, it’s important to mention Gordon Moore. He has donated more than $5 billion. His net worth, however, is about $4.1 billion as of March 2013. This means that over the years he has actually donated more than he's currently worth. His donations have gone toward patient care, environmental conservation, and other scientific research. At least half of his net worth will be going to charities when he dies, offering a legacy of help for those less fortunate.

Eli Broad

It’s important to look at the types of charities and donations that these billionaires are making. Eli Broad has a net worth of $6.3 billion. He has donated about $3.5 billion. The money that he has given has gone to help the poor. In fact, he has devoted his life to help those in need.

One of his main projects is stem cell research, and he has helped to fund stem cell research programs and centers at UCLA, USC, and UCSF. The research that he's funding will go on to help those with medical problems in the future, so his contributions will continue to help people as time goes on.

James Stowers

With a net worth of about $100 million as of 2012, James Stowers wasn't a stingy man. He gave back about $2 billion in contributions to a number of foundations. James Stowers started as a physician and eventually got into mutual funds and other business. He used his money to fund medical research and other scientific studies. This is partially because he and his wife Virginia were both survivors of cancer. He helped found the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, ensuring that the quality of life for others with medical issues would improve.

It’s easy to find several high net individuals and families. However, they don’t all give back. When you’re considering the amazing benefits that these billionaires have, it’s important to take a closer look at what they’re doing. When billionaires and others give back to the communities, they're ensuring a better future for everyone. The institutes, foundations, and centers that have been created and funded by these people will all go a long way in ensuring that the communities we live in are healthy, well-educated, and fed properly.

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