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8 great reasons to maintain a morning yoga practice

Morning asana
Morning asana
Entropy Studio

If we all agree that yoga is a wonderful preventative, restorative, therapeutic, and generally "good for you" practice in both physical and metaphysical forms of health, we're not in agreement over when to do it, how often, or how much. One person's "I do yoga" means twice a month and an intentional breath while waiting for Hwy 101 traffic to start moving again, while another person's means five times a week, two retreats a year, and a workshop every four months. "Practice" can be difficult to achieve in our modern schedule, especially when the norm requires 90 minutes and a shower.

To address this bull's horn squarely, one must look for the shortcut. Where is there time to fit an adequate practice in? Most of the hours of the day are filled already. "If only I had an extra 90 minutes a day."

Get up earlier and join the morning yoga revolution. Get your asana off the Keetsa and onto a Manduka. Why?

1. You get it done. Like the Army commercials of the 80s and 90s, "you've done more by 9am than most people do all day." You'll feel better for it.

2. Kickstart your metabolism. Early morning exercise has been shown to be effective in not only helping initialize the processing of foodstuffs into energy (or fat, in the absence), and help in the food choices one makes throughout the day.

3. Arrive to work stretched, exercised, relaxed, and calm. (Yoga puts boogie in your step.)

4. You don't have to shower or do your hair twice a day.

5. The teacher who really believes in the benefits of yoga is the teacher that wakes up a zero-dark-thirty to trudge to the studio to help you get your yoga on. You get their attention, you get real dedication.

6. Knowing you're going to wake up early to do asana of any level might influence your activity the night before. You'll likely eat less, drink less, go to bed earlier, and sleep better.

7. Sit a lot at work? Start the day with a body toning. Not only is it better than going without daily exercise, but it might also prompt you to take the stairs, or throw down an Ardha Dandrasana in an unused meeting room during the day, to keep the lower back limber.

8. I teach this class twice weekly at the 6th Ave. Yoga Tree, from 630-730, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's $12 for an hour. Come join us.

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