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8 great apps to make your St. Patrick's day better

we are all Irish
we are all Irish
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A week from Monday is, St. Patrick's day, the one day of the year when everyone becomes Irish. It is a day full of wearing green, feasting on Irish food, learning about Irish lore and celebrating. We can always use some help getting into that Irish spirit for the big day. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps out there for all of our needs.

  • Happy holidays: St. Patrick's day is a wonderful free app for Windows-based devices that will teach you all about the history, has beverage receipts and toast to go along with those beverages.

  • Irish_proverbs_in_English is a great free app for your Windows-based device that offers over 200 sayings that will help you get into a I rish frame of mind.

  • St. Patrick's photo booth is a fun app for your Windows-based device to show off your Irish side by dressing your photos. Choose from various Irish hats, props, St. Patrick's day buttons or speech bubbles. This app does cost $0.99.

  • St. Patrick's Day photo frame is a free app for your Apple mobile device that will allow you to Irish up all of your photos.

  • St. Patrick's receipts is good free app for Windows-based devices, android-based devices and Amazon's Kindle Fire that will provide you with more than 20 food receipts to bring out the Irish in you.

  • What St. Patrick's Day celebration would be complete without a drinking game? Beer beer: drink game in a free app for your android-based device where you guess different beers from around the world.

  • Irish pub recipes is a free app for Amazon's Kindle Fire that will provide you with dozens of recipes for much of your favorite Irish food and drinks.

  • What better way to say your Irish for the day then to get a Leprechaun name? Leprechaun Name Generator is a free app for your Apple device that lets you do just that by just entering your name and pressing the get Leprechaun name button.

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