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8 Future Social Media Trends predicted at 2014 Digital Hollywood

Susan Sandler, Senior Media and Integrated Marketing Strategy Advisor, BoomAgers and Josh Levine, Rebel Industries
Susan Sandler, Senior Media and Integrated Marketing Strategy Advisor, BoomAgers and Josh Levine, Rebel Industries
Liz H Kelly

During the 2014 Digital Hollywood Conference last week in Marina del Rey, California, we heard 8 predictions for social media during two panels facilitated by Radio Personality Ron Yurman and Author Dr Natalie Petouhoff. Beyond the big movie budgets and celebrity endorsements for digital entertainment, how will brands continue to engage customers online? No one can be certain what the future will bring, but check out the latest buzz at the conferences:

Radio Personality and Media Guru Ron Yurman at Digital Hollywood
by Liz H Kelly

1. Advanced Pins - The big thing that Pinterest is doing this year, it’s in retail sector, they have these advanced pins where you’re allowing real-time inventory information into the pin. So let’s say you like this jacket, you pin it, and then you can see where to buy it and how much inventory, and you can either go pick it up in the store or get it the very next day….They don’t need to go to a microsite…The future is not necessarily trying to get people out of these niche social platforms or even these bigger social platforms, but learning how to work within them and getting the branding and results you need from them. ~ Cortland Connell, HelloSociety

2. Paid Ads vs. Native Ads vs. Organic Posts - If you’ve heard of ‘The Social Network’ then you probably missed the boat on taking advantage of the free traffic. The future is paid media…It’s going to be native placements (publisher-produced brand content), and it’s going to be something that you get to control a lot more than the organic posts (non-paid). If what you need is results, the opportunity is paid media. The native placements on social networks are so much better than anything out there, including Google AdWords. ~ Bob Buch, CEO SocialWire

3. What's in it for Me? - At the end of the day, it all boils down to what’s in it for me as the user? What is the actual benefit that I’m getting from what you’re telling me to do? If you really want conversion (people buying or signing up for your mailing list), you’re going to have to tell people why are you asking me to do this? ~ Chris Monteleone, CEO and Co-Founder, Sweigh

4. Shared revenue - If you’re going to start a channel, and you’re a brand, you need to figure out how to share revenue. Because if you can figure out the share revenue piece, then that’s where everyone is going to go in my opinion. ~ Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Chief Strategist, Digital Communications, Social Media, Measurement and ROI practice, Weber

5. Opportunity to replace Facebook - I’m curious to see what’s happening in a year with Facebook….There’s an absolute backlash, people not being very happy that their messages are not getting to people, that they’re having to pay a lot of money to get them to people. I think it really creates an opportunity for someone to come in and provide an alternative (it could be Tumblr, Twitter and/or Instagram). ~ Karen Allen, Principal, Digital Entertainment Consulting

6. Better access to data - As marketers, we’re going to have access to new tools, like Facebook’s new retargeting tools are actually pretty good. In the next year, social, it’s not going away, we’re going to have better access to data. ~ Adam Mosam, CEO/Founder, Pivotshare

7. More video and event-based social media - I think Facebook and Twitter are going to be very different in a year. I think there’s going to be more video that just continues to grow. YouTube will keep dominating that, but I’m sure there will be new players there. And I think we’ll see more event-based social media where it’s not this constant flow of content, but it’s really around time and place. (which is exactly how MySpace made so much money when I was there at their peak) ~ Josh Levine, CEO - Chief Activist, Rebel Industries

8. Reinvention - I think in this is a period of reinvention. For the work that I do, redefining what aging means (focused on social media for baby boomers) in the world of media, what’s old is new. That old Xbox sitting in our kid’s rooms, as they sneak off the college and we become empty nesters, all of the sudden become a terrific platform for pay and play programming. I would predict that there are new uses for existing technologies and integrating them with social media. ~ Susan Sandler, Senior Media and Integrated Marketing Strategy Advisor, BoomAgers

What are your predictions for the future of social media? Is Facebook over for brands? Add your thoughts in the comments. I predict that as wearables become more popular, we will be served very targeted ads 24x7, and the challenge for marketers will be finding a balance and good content so the world does not turn off alerts.

© Liz H Kelly @LizHKelly, National Digital Entertainment Columnist and Goody PR Founder

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