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8 fun Hello Kitty birthday party games and activities for kids

Girls will love Hello Kitty themed games and activities
Girls will love Hello Kitty themed games and activities
Jaelyn Jamik, copyright 2014

Hello Kitty is a popular birthday party theme because she’s loved by girls of many ages. If you’re wondering how to throw a Hello Kitty birthday party with fun games and activities for girls, there are many ways to make your party a big success.

Since Hello Kitty has quite the sense of style, fashion games are often a big hit with little girls, but there are other ways to have fun with a Hello Kitty theme as well. Check out the list below for some fun activities that will keep your party guests smiling.

Hello Kitty photo booth

This can be done a couple of different ways. If you’re crafty and you can piece together a large Hello Kitty from posterboard or cardboard, you can make your own photo cut-out. Simply make Hello Kitty’s head shape, but leave a hole cut-out where her face would be. Your guests will stand behind the photo cut-out and have their picture taken.

Another approach is to use a large stuffed Hello Kitty for your photo op. In this case, you’ll need to find an area you can use for your photo shoot. Give your guests a backdrop by hanging a pink curtain or a patterned fabric. Cover the chair with a sheet in a contrasting color such as red, light green, light gray or blue.

When your guests arrive, present them pink tutus and white t-shirts bearing Hello Kitty’s face drawn in fabric paint marker. Offer a box of accessories such as colorful bead necklaces, feather boas, kitty ear headbands, bangle bracelets, body glitter, and so on. Once the girls get all glammed up, they can have their photo taken with the stuffed Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty fashion design

For this activity, you’ll need to print out a picture of Hello Kitty. Trace her clothing shape onto another piece of paper and then cut around it. Next, gather several pieces of scrapbook paper in various prints and use your clothing template to cut the same size clothing pieces in different patterns of paper.

Once you’ve made multiple copies of the Hello Kitty picture you used, you can lay out all the clothing you’ve made and allow the party guests to mix and match their favorite styles. For a take-home craft, provide glue sticks as well.

Hello Kitty tissue paper craft

For this birthday party activity you’ll need to print a picture of Hello Kitty that shows just her outline in black. Make enough copies for each party guest to have one. Then, cut tissue paper into 2" x 2" squares. Be sure to make a lot of white squares for her fur, several red for her hair bow, many pink or purple for her clothing, and just a little bit of black for her eyes and yellow for her nose.

Let your party guests wad up the tissue paper squares until they are in little balls or at least, scrunched up. Give each girl a bottle of Elmer’s glue and instruct her to make a thin coating of glue on her Hello Kitty paper, working with just one section at a time. Starting with her face, push the white tissue paper balls into the glue until her entire face is covered. Continue by gluing on her black eyes and yellow nose, then fill in her red bow and the clothing color of your choice.

Cupcake bar

Another way to celebrate with Hello Kitty is to let the girls decorate their own Hello Kitty cupcakes. Provide cupcakes with white or pink icing along with several kinds of sprinkles and small candies. Lay out the toppings in several bowls with scoops and let your party guests’ artistic sides and sweet tooths run wild. Print cupcake toppers from Sanrio to add Hello Kitty to your designs.

Hello Kitty Ring Toss

For this game, you’ll need to visit the hardware store and purchase several thick dowel rods. Then, cover the rods in scrapbook paper or paint them in bright colors. Glue a small picture of Hello Kitty onto the top of each rod and insert them into the ground in the backyard.

When your party guests arrive, they can take turns throwing swimming pool dive rings onto the rods, turning your creation into your very own DIY ring toss game.

For an extra challenge, position your dowel rods so that they get progressively further away. Glue different pictures onto each one, or include a circle with a number inside. The number will represent point value. Point values increase with each rod that is further away from the toss line.

Hello Kitty Straw Draw

Another fun Hello Kitty birthday activity is to fill a large jar or bowl with candies in your party’s color scheme. You might use M&M’s, jelly beans, gum drops or gum balls. Then, insert thin dowel rods bearing Hello Kitty’s picture glued to the top. One just one dowel rod, color the end by dipping it into food coloring. This is the end that will be hidden in the candy.

Your party guests will each pull out one of the “straws”, or dowel rods, and the person who draws the colored rod will win the bowl of candy.

Hello Kitty mural

Print out several different Hello Kitty coloring pages and tape them to a blank wall so that their edges are touching and there are no gaps in between. In front of the wall, place a table or stand that will serve as a holder for a big bucket of crayons.

Your party guests will think it’s great fun to “color on the walls,” and when they’re done, you’ll have a giant, colorful mural to admire. You can even have each girl stand in front of the mural for a photo if they’d like.

Helpful hint: If your little artists do happen to get a stray crayon mark on the wall, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will take it right off.

Kitty Kisses

Purchase several bags of Hershey’s Kisses candy. Depending on the number of party guests you expect, put a Hello Kitty picture or sticker on the bottom of 1/3 to one-half of the Hershey Kisses. Spread all of the candy out across the backyard, with the picture of Hello Kitty face down so it isn’t visible.

Give each girl a pink gift bag or small bucket and send her on a Hello Kitty scavenger hunt. If the birthday girl is turning 6, the party guests will have to find six Kisses labeled with Hello Kitty. If she’s turning 10, they have to find ten Hello Kitty stickers, and so on. The first two or three girls to collect all their Kitties win a prize. Everyone else gets to keep their bucket of Hershey Kisses.

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