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8-foot octopus video: Watch as octopus grabs camera, holds on to Calif. diver

An eight-foot octopus grabbing a camera from a diver in California and holding on to his hand and arm was caught on video by another diver. “If you don’t get it on tape it didn’t happen,” is the first rule for many divers like David Malvestuto and Warren Murray who had the close encounter with the eight-foot octopus, according to a Feb. 17, 2014, Daily News report.

8-foot octopus video: Watch as octopus grabs camera, holds on to Calif. diver

David Malvestuto and Warren Murray took the video of the encounter with the amazing creature while diving off Bluefish Cove in Carmel, Calif., on Feb. 1.

Warren Murray, who is a professional scuba and underwater photography instructor, didn’t recognize the octopus at first while diving since it was perfectly camouflaged among the rocks that it was hiding in.

When the 56-year-old diver saw “the rock” moving, he approached it carefully. “The octopus suddenly sprouted up and wrapped his tentacles around Murray's camera, as well as parts of his arm and hands.”

As shown in the video taken by 34-year-old David Malvestuto, the eight-foot octopus had a good hold on the camera and on the diver’s arm and hands. Warren Murray wasn’t so much concerned about the camera but was concerned that the animal had the strength to break his fingers if he would show too much resistance.

Both divers suspect that the animal had seen its reflection in the camera’s lens and might have assumed it was another companion. When the camera’s flash went off, the octopus must have realized that this was not something familiar and took off.

The video of the eight-foot octopus and its close encounter with humans and their objects is actually not as unbelievable or unusual as some viewers might think. Unless threatened and prompted to defend themselves, octopuses are in fact by nature amazingly "loving" and curious animals. For anyone who has the chance to meet an octopus in a behind-the-scenes tour at an aquarium facility – it is one of the most memorable moments to meet those curious creatures in person and to be hugged by eight arms.

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