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8-foot octopus: Sprawling octopus dukes it with divers, photos catch sea scene

Massive octopus fights with divers underwater
Massive octopus fights with divers underwater
Jax Observer, Twitter Photo

An 8-foot octopus wrestling with divers underwater sounds like one frightening if amazing encounter, and with the brave divers catching the sea scene via some stunning photos, this recent octopus brawl becomes all the more incredible. The sprawling octopus was captured duking it out with a pair of divers off the coast of California earlier this month, and the news is only now making veritable waves in the media. Jax Observer reports this Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, that the Pacific animal was spotted in Bluefish Cove, and put up quite a fight before fleeing the clash.

The undersea camera captured the 8-foot octopus first darting about in the cool blue waters in Carmel, California. Two divers, 56-year-old Warren Murray and 34-year-old David Malvestuto, were out going for a sight-seeing swim in the sea when they came upon the rare and strange animal.

Initially, Murray said that he thought the octopus was only a big rock. However, when he noticed a spurt of movement, he realized that it was in fact a massive animal. The sprawling 8-foot octopus was said to blend in so well to its dark, watery surroundings that it could have been watching the divers, unnoticed, for several minutes before finally being spotted.

While most people would have only expected the sea creature to have swum away, Murray and Malvestuto instead were forced to duke it out with the octopus after the animal went after the divers’ camera. Initiating what can only be called a many-legged wrestling match, the 8-foot octopus curled one of its large tentacles around the camera, as if to yank it and steal it away.

Murray said that he was afraid the sucker-laced octopus tentacle might have the power to crush his fingers or his hand, but was fortunately saved by the flash of the device during the harrowing scene. When the sprawling animal got caught in the bright light shortly into the brief underwater battle, the octopus immediately let go and swam away.

Though the diver said his fingers were sore afterwards, nothing was broken.

"I wasn't too worried. Generally they are not too interested in people. They'll just take off," diver Warren Murray a professional scuba and underwater photography instructor said in a statement. "I was thinking he would take off as soon as I got close to it. When he wasn't moving, I was excited. I was thinking (about that rule) in the back of my mind ... I just wanted to capture as many pictures as I could."

The curious divers managed to catch several great shot of the sea struggle before the 8-foot octopus opted to loose its grip and vanish back into the dark depths of Bluefish Cove after the scene.

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