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8-foot-long octopus goes after divers' camera

It sounds like a nightmare, but it really happened. According to Fox News on Feb. 18, two divers were encountered by an 8-foot-long octopus that went after their camera.

An octopus went after a diver's camera
YouTube, David Malvestuto

Don’t worry, they aren’t bluffing. They have the footage to prove it. David Malvestuto and Warren Murray were scuba diving in Bluefish Cove in Carmel, Calif. at the time. They approached what they thought was a large rock but ended up being a resting animal. It didn’t rest for long however, and quickly began moving and starting fighting with their camera. In the struggle with the camera, the octopus also wrapped himself around parts of Murray’s arm and hands.

Though it was a frightening experience, Malvestuto said, “I was a little concerned … but we both knew they are harmless.”

He did say however that they were both more worried that they get the encounter on film.vAs NY Daily News says, the motto of their diving group is that if you don’t get it on tape, it didn’t happen.

When Murray took a picture with the flash on, the octopus took off.

Their best guess as to what spurred the interaction is that the octopus might have seen his reflection in the camera lens and thought it was another octopus.

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